Episode 1

Merry New Year!!!

Resolutions and Merry New Year....

This episode will cover Golf News of the Week  Front 9 - Rank Your Favorite Hip Hop Album of 2022 | Back 9 - Are you putting in any work this offseason? | What Are We Hating On | Gigging Golf Songs of the Week:  YeloHill, Suga Free , Hit-Town, & Jay Worthy - Vice City (Official Music Video)

Axel Foley by Ferris Blusa

Golf News of the Week

  1. LIV Is In and Who Is Invited 
  2.  Give me my money…
  3. Folsom Top Golf.. Where else would you play?  

Hosts: Suga @kaluaa7878  Emitch @chuck_da_nerd Buga @ny2sd28 Uppity Negro @thatmarcusdude 

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Native of the Box state, podcaster, communicator, content producer, and man who is hitting the links trying to find my swing after some time away from the greens!
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Emitch aka Slice Boogie.... Fell in love with the game of golf and it hasn't gone away... Emitch loves long walks on the course and dope golf shoes.